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Our Latest Reports.

Annual Report 2016.

DCAF is pleased to present its Annual Report 2016, Promoting Good Governance of the Security Sector. This report captures DCAF’s contribution to wider peace, security and development goals and focuses on DCAF’s:

  • Direct support to improve security and justice provision in over 70 countries worldwide, including in many fragile and post-conflict contexts;

  • Assistance to bilateral donors and multilateral organizations in their delivery of effective and coherent support to nationally-led security sector reform processes;

This year’s Annual Report not only provides an overview of the organization’s achievements over the last year, but also outlines the direction that DCAF wishes to pursue in the future.

Performance Report 2016.

This first-ever performance report is an effort to demonstrate the positive effects that DCAF’s support is having on security sector governance (SSG), in particular in some of the most fragile and conflict-affected regions.

It is the first report in a series of annual performance assessments as part of DCAF’s transition towards results-based management (RBM) at the corporate level. In providing an overview of programmes, projects and activities undertaken, and outlining the medium-term results that materialized in 2016, it enhances accountability and transparency towards national and international stakeholders with which DCAF partnered in the last year. The report also lays the empirical foundation that can help build insights into the effectiveness and sustainability of DCAF’s work.