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Case studies on Gender-Related Human Resources Policies in Armed Forces



Human resources policies and practices can play an important part in building armed forces that promote the equal opportunities of women and men. However, it is difficult to find comparable information on human resources policies in armed forces. In this series of case studies, DCAF draws upon interviews as well as secondary sources, to present information as regards gender-related human resources policies in the armed forces of Albania, Ghana and the Netherlands.

These case studies are designed to serve as a reference for other armed forces in considering ways in which they can promote the retention, recruitment, promotion and full participation of women.

The case studies look at:

  • policies that directly refer to gender, equal opportunities or discrimination;
  • policies that refer to gender-related harassment or violence;
  • policies that seek to deal differently with male and female personnel – including those that exclude women from certain roles, and those that prioritise recruitment or retention of women; and
  • policies that seek to address the particular needs of military personnel who are mothers or fathers.