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Gouvernance du secteur de la sécurité en Afrique de l'Ouest
Alan Bryden, Boubacar N'Diaye, Funmi Olonisakin
Challenges of Security Sector Governance in West Africa
Alan Bryden, Boubacar N'Diaye, Funmi Olonisakin
Parliamentary Oversight of ESDP Missions
Hans Born, Suzana Anghel, Alex Dowling, & Teodora Fuior
Gender & Security Sector Reform Toolkit
Megan Bastick, Kristin Valasek
The EU and Security Sector Reform
David Spence & Philipp Fluri
Security Sector Reform in South East Europe: A Study in Norms Transfer
Heiner HÄNGGI and Theodor H. WINKLER
COLE, Eden, and Philipp H. FLURI
Revisiting the State Monopoly on the Legitimate Use of Force
Alyson Bailes, Ulrich Schneckener, Herbert Wulf
Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict
Megan Bastick, Karin Grimm, and Rahel Kunz
Regulating Private Security Companies
Hans Born, Marina Caparini, Eden Cole
The Shifting Face of Violence
Alyson J.K. Bailes, Keith Krause, Theodor H. Winkler
Perspectives on Ukrainian Security Sector Reform
Horbulin,V.P., Fluri,P.H. & Pirozhkov,S.I.
Women in an Insecure World
Marie Vlachovà and Lea Biason