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SSR Backgrounders App


The redeveloped  SSR Backgrounder App is an easily accessible, concise, “first-stop” resource for practitioners and policy-makers who seek both focused and comprehensive insights into the fundamentals of good security sector governance (SSG) and security sector reform (SSR). The latest version of the app offers many new features and materials: 

  • More publications: get access to DCAF’s most popular publications – including SSR Backgrounders, SSR Papers, and numerous handbooks and toolkits on SSG/SSR
  • More languages: read DCAF publications in your native language – including Arabic, Burmese, French, Russian, Spanish, and many others
  • Offline mode: download and read DCAF publications offline
  • PDF sharing: share DCAF publications via email
  • More reader-friendly: change fond size in SSR Backgrounders and zoom into graphics
  • Much faster: read SSR Backgrounders in natively optimized format


Download (IOS)  ¦  Download (Androïd)